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The William Ferris Chorale brings Chicago audiences new and unexpected choral music in programs highlighting music written by living composers. Exploring and experiencing new music with our artists and audience opens us all to new ideas, new sounds, and new voices; and this brings the 50-year long legacy of founder William Ferris to audiences throughout the region.

The William Ferris Chorale was co-founded by two artists and taken to new heights by a third. The first, a composer/conductor whose prolific works exemplify the excellence he brought to everything he did. The second, a forward-thinking musician and leader who artistically propelled the Chorale to where it is today.  The third, a conductor with a vision of the highest-quality performance standards in sight and the will to realize it. 

"One by one, other a cappella groups popped up, inspired by Ferris’ shining example. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that Chicago would not be the busy Midwest hub of choral performance it is today if not for the organization he and Vorrasi built four decades ago." - John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune
Chris has been the Artistic Director since 2021.


The mission of the Chicago Chamber Choir is to create experiences that engage our community in high-quality choral art. Our vision is to be Chicago’s preeminent avocational choral ensemble through diverse and innovative programming, excellence in artistry, and community enrichment.

The Chicago Chamber Choir's 40 singers come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are professional musicians, others are teachers, and still others have careers in fields as diverse as law and medicine. They are united through their passion for world-class choral singing.

The choir's repertoire is diverse and expansive; each program carefully curated, drawing from the immense collection of choral music throughout history and around the world. CCC has a special interest in contemporary choral music and how it speaks to the lives and values of modern singers and audiences.

The Chicago Chamber Choir is committed to extending our community beyond our singing members to other musicians, community partners, and our audience. We seek to use music to effect positive change in the world. Collaboration, with groups large and small, is part of that identity. Collaborating musical ensembles include CHAI Collaborative Ensemble, Youth Choral Theater of Chicago, and the Lakeview Orchestra. Community partnerships include the Chicago Historical Society and Night Ministry.

Chris has been the Artistic Director since 2017.

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Music is an integral element of the mass and spiritual life of the Church of the Atonement. Each year, the choirs sing up to 45 choral settings of the mass ordinary, 14 services of Evensong, and a service of Advent Lessons and Carols.


The 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning Solemn High Mass is sung by the choirs from the beginning of October through the feast of Corpus Christi each year. At this liturgy, you will hear a new choral setting of the mass ordinary, Anglican psalm chants, motets for offertory and communion, and chanted propers for the day; and you will participate in fervent hymn singing. During the summer months the congregation sings the ordinary and the choirs sing the anthems.

Chris has been conducting choir's at Atonement since 2013.

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